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Nicki has over 30 years of real estate experience. She started as an agent with Blinkhorn Realty in May of 1997 which later became Valley River Realty. After Valley River Realty she transferred to Cougill & Hansen, then to Campbell Company. Nicki and her husband Ron started Square One Investment LLC in 1982 for investment properties and rental management. Soon after, in 1986, she began her own real estate company: Nicki Gustin Realty. In 1995 her company merged with Windermere Jean Tate Real Estate. There she held a management position. After working seven years in a management position, Nicki decided to return to what she truly loves: Working with clients directly. She really enjoys finding properties that best suit the buyer's needs and getting the best value for the seller's home. Although she has worked with some commercial and investment properties, she prefers to handle residential for the personal interaction experience. In February 2007 Nicki joined with Jane Murphy to form Signature Realty Group, a different kind of company focussed one the people, not just the profit.